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Introducing Paul Martin

Friday, March 14, 2014

   I have had more than a few questions over the last several weeks as to what my involvement is in Ali & Paul Co. (besides the last half of the company name) So here it goes.

   My involvement in Ali & Paul Co. started long before we were even Ali & Paul. I remember our first conversation on a photography company was about a year before we started dating. Alison was doing photography as a side gig, but seriously doubted that she had the creativity or equipment to ever make a career out of it. Being the aspiring boyfriend that I was, I disagreed. Over the next number of months we would brainstorm ideas for how she could build up a clientele, and make a run at something she dreamed of for so long.

   Things certainly kicked up a notch in May of 12’ after we started dating. (and shortly thereafter started planning our wedding) Her goal was to be full time in wedding and portrait photography soon after we got married. We knew re-locating from South Carolina to Lancaster PA would add a different dimension to it, and most likely add its own challenges, but we were determined to give it a try. We were pumped, and when I stood before her at the altar on March 30th, 2013, I again reassured her that her passions were now mine as well. Shortly after that is when she made the mistake of putting a camera in my hand.

   I knew from a young age that I had a significant amount of creativity; however I would find it easy to fall into the creativity-crippling rut of sticking to what you know. It wasn’t until it was matched with Alison’s passion, that I was able to open it up. I possessed a passion for art, even as a young teenager. (ask Mom. My modern abstract artwork came down off the wall soon after I moved out. It was clashing with her Thomas Kinkade theme) However, it wasn’t until I got behind the lens, that I could find an art genre that I could pour myself into. I was never worried about the gear. Anyone can take a weekend class and know how to run a SLR camera. It was the excitement and creativity that I saw being pulled out of me that truly made me an addict.

   What followed was a year of planning and just plain down working. Ever see those cartoons where they scribble an idea on a piece of paper, then scrunch it up and throw it over their shoulder? Yeah. That was us for the past year. But what we are left with is an idea that’s worth framing on the wall. The idea of two people that are madly in love, working side by side, each person pulling passion and creativity out of the other.

   Alison is still the talent. She has the ability to capture the emotion of a moment that I hope to one day possess. My role as second shooter is to find the moments of a day that often go by un-noticed. Together, we feel confident in our vision and in our goals. Our styles have morphed to complement each other, but yet different enough to give a well-rounded style to your wedding or portrait session.

   Needless to say, as we stand here at the beginning of this journey, we are over-the-top excited for what lies ahead. Our goal is to be very engaging with our family, friends, and clients along the way, so we would love to get in touch with you on Facebook or Twitter. Honestly, it’s not about building social media. You guys inspire us for real. I know it sounds so cliché for a photographer to say “I love meeting new people along the way”. But regardless, it IS our love of new relationships that makes this whole thing so much more exciting. 
Thanks for the support guys, cheers to what lies ahead!

Paul Martin,

Ali & Paul Co.