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Trip To DC // Anniversary

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oh my... it's been a year since that day.
The day that I wish we could replay every single year.
The day that I got to marry my (very) best friend.
The day that meant we never had to get on a plane and go our separate ways, again.
I truly could say SO many things that I loved about that day, and what it represented, but just know this... I love him in more ways than I thought capable, and I plan on fighting for us no matter what life takes us through. I'm so blessed that God gave me someone that continues to show me what TRUE love is! He not only pushes me to follow my dreams, but joins me, and we pursue them together.

I've always loved weddings, (like maybe a little unhealthy how much) but getting to experience my own, has put a whole new light on them. I absolutely love, love and I'm so excited for this journey of capturing each couples special day, with the one I love. This past year has been incredible and I plan on making the next year even better! Anyways... :)

It was pretty tough weeding through which images to share. I actually struggle with breaking the camera out when I go on vacation and Paul loves it, so he's normally our documenter when we're not at home.
We decided to park the car, take the metro into the city and rent bikes for the entire weekend. (Which was so FUN.) Every time someone would walk up to the rental, I was bursting to tell them there's really no other way to explore the city. It might have just been a while since I had ridden a bike. lol

If you know me, you know how much I love flowers. If not, let me just tell you, I love flowers. They are in every room of our house and they are just SO cheerful! That being said, it was so overwhelming how beautiful the trees were and around every corner there were gorgeous flowerbeds. We stopped to take some pictures and this lovely couple offered to take our picture and we returned the favor. Well, at least one of us turned out with a great photo. :)

 After wearing ourselves out, we decided to stop for a drink. We found this quaint coffee shop named "Paul" so of course we had to see what they had to offer. Turns out they had the most incredible macaroons we've ever had.

 Another highlight of the weekend was the Flea market. We actually visited both days because they switched out their vendors each day. Oh the urge to splurge. I did end up walking away with a new favorite necklace. (The one pictured below. ) I was also extremely delighted to find a food stand that was selling Jamaican patties!!

 The metro station was so nice! They top the New York metro system by far.

 One of the many restaurants we visited. We couldn't decide if we wanted to eat inside or out, so we sat in between. They had a fixed menu that night so we had unlimited salad, steak and fries. As expected, it was delicious.

We visited the art Smithsonian and all we wanted to do was steal their gorgeous frames. I love the freedom we have as artists to speak through what we create. There as so many gifted people out there and we love seeing people that have pushed themselves to discover who they are as an artist.

Well that's it! I hope this post makes you want to visit DC, because we can't wait to go back. Cheers to the next 50 years as a Martin. :) I love you, Paul!

Ali & Paul Co


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We couldn't wait another day to have a session now that it's warm and Savannah was sweet enough to come spend the evening and let us have a little fun. We had such a good time, the light was magic and we got to work with the sweetest of them all. Here are several of our favorites!

Enjoy your day! It's finally SPRING! :) 


Ali & Paul Co.