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Friday, September 5, 2014

If you have ever planned a wedding, you know how difficult it is to style a wedding reception like the ones you have all over your Pinterest pin boards. Especially to the bride that is working with any sort of budget. I swear some of the receptions we see feature brides that spend as much on flowers  as Ali & I spent on our entire wedding day.

That being said, It IS very possible to create a stunning reception spread without going over the top on your budget. One of the easiest ways to make this happen is by choosing tables that don’t need covered up. When it comes to decorating a gorgeous table, most times less is more. The table adds to the overall look, and therefore does not need near as much decorations or flowers. (Although, not sure there is such a thing as to many flowers.)

Finding stunning tables is not something you are going to order out of the catalog at the local party rental store. Luckily, if you live in Lancaster, or the tri-state area for that matter, you have some options.  I first met Mike & Tracy of Old Barn Star a few months ago when we were doing a styled wedding  session at the Rockford Plantation here in Lancaster. At the time I was looking for a couple tables to be loaned to me to help with that rustic, yet elegant look. I stumbled across their website, and knew right away I needed to give them a call. Not only did Mike agree to help me out, but he and Tracy pulled up with a trailer FULL of rustic, hand-made, reclaimed wood furniture.

Every piece was stunning! All of their furniture is made from old barns, and houses in the local area, and so well constructed.  And it didn’t stop at tables. They have a healthy inventory of old barrels, benches, and hutches.
But here is the cool part. Old Barn Star now offers to RENT this beautiful furniture out to brides for their special day! If you are looking for something to really elevate the feel of your reception, you may want to check them out. Granted, it may not be ideal for a large wedding, or to rent them for every table. But they would be ideal for a bridal or honored guest table.  Some of the smaller specialty ones could be used for a gift table or a picture display. Or, if you had something bigger in mind, talk to them. They may be able to accommodate.

Old Barn Star1-800-510-3378 or

You can also read more HERE from one of their recent blog posts on wedding rentals and actually see some images of a wedding space filled with these tables.

One last thing…They did not pay us to write this. They didn’t even ask us to. We were simply blown away by the quality of their product, and their friendly service, we just had to share.
Have a great weekend guys! Fall isn’t so bad?


-Paul Martin

Ali & Paul Co.

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