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Brett + Megan // Lancaster Engagement

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

 The writing part of blogging is always the most difficult for me! As we go through each new month checking off engagement sessions and weddings that we have completed, sadness rushes in for a little. There never seems to be an easy way to write about how we spend SO much time chatting about wedding details, their dreams for the big day, how they met and fell in love and so many other things. It is such a BIG honor to be trusted to capture so many special love stories and go through this period of their lives with them. 

My goal as a photographer is to make you FEEL something looking back at all these special memories. That even though an engagement session only lasts two hours, you're able to look back at this time and remember what being engaged FELT like. Brett + Megan's session made this silly "feeling" photographer's heart flutter. They were so sweet and loving to each other.  I was looking through their gallery and even though I was there to see it, I can totally feel their love in each image. (Ok ok... I'm done saying feel now, but I'm just trying to make my point!) 

Brett + Megan, thank you for giving us this opportunity! We truly walked away from your session giddy and excited to have met you! Your wedding day is going to be so perfect and we're counting down the days right there with you. :) 

Ali & Paul Co.