Friday, March 6, 2015

Ever since we first laid our hands on the beautiful square matte pages of the Fig Lancaster publication, it has been our dream to someday be a part of it. 

To us, Fig is everything that we love about our city; Fantastic local companies, shopping, amazing art, and of course the exciting, booming, local food scene. When flipping through the pages of this wonderful magazine, we see displayed what we know to be true; The fact that this is not your average community. We see above average companies, offering above average service and products. We also see a TON of collaboration…businesses and people viewing each other as friends and not competitors, coming together to strengthen the community, and benefit the consumer. This is something that is so very near to our hearts. So it is with so much excitement that we announce that you will be able to see the work of Ali & Paul Co featured in the latest Fig.

 What to expect from the new FIG
The spring issue of Fig is being called the Happiness Issue. When we first saw the name, it brought a smile to our face. What a perfect issue for us to introduce ourselves to the Lancaster people! Happiness and joy is what weddings are all about, and Ali & I work so very hard to capture the joyful emotion that unfolds throughout the wedding day.  We would also argue that this extends beyond the wedding day itself. The engagement photos, the planning process…some may view this as stressful, but to us it all adds a piece to the puzzle that is a happy marriage.
 There are a few other fantastic local companies that featured weddings in the Happiness Issue…Bristle & Prim, Splits & Daisies, Move It Studio, William Montgomery House, and The Bakers Table all had pages that featured a component that they add to the process. So if you are planning (or hoping to plan. *fingers crossed*) a wedding in the near future, you may want to grab a copy.

In summary, it makes us happy to be a part of not only the Fig Happiness issue, but the wedding industry as a whole.
Have a great weekend, and be sure to pick up a Fig before they are all gone! Find us and our story on page #24, and follow the happiness with the hashtag #lanchappy on twitter and Instagram.

Happy Friday!


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