Nora Sage // In home Newborn Session

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

She actually sleeps with her hands curled up like this! I can't handle it! 

Nora (Honor, Light) 

 Sage (Wise)

 This session was oh-so-sweet! I shared here a little bit yesterday about my dear friend, Sheila, that just had her first baby. I was able to go visit their little family in SC for a couple days this past week and take a couple pictures of Nora's sweet/sleepy stage she's in right now. I wanted to eat her up! Sheila, you're already such an incredible mommy and I know Nora will always looove having you as her mom.

Ali & Paul Co. 

One Response to “Nora Sage // In home Newborn Session”

  1. These photos are incredibly beautiful! Beautiful work. Those hands...I can't either!