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Wilson & Naomi // Wildflower Field Engagement Session

Friday, August 7, 2015

 Naomi won me over as soon as I read her inquiry! Naomi wrote, "I am a graphic designer and he is a high school history teacher. We're a little goofy, a little quirky, fairly simple, he's a little old-souled and I'm a little whimsy. The best illustration of us as a couple is he is a rock and I'm a balloon tied to him. I bring a little more excitement to his life, while he keeps me a little more grounded." 

 When we met for their engagement session I started to see how true her statement really was. They are the perfect match and spending the evening with them felt like an evening with old friends. Of course we finished off the evening with some ice-cream from Penny's ice-cream truck, like friends should. 

Can I just tell you guys a little about how he proposed? It may be my favorite proposal ever. 

 So... Wilson mentioned to us that Naomi loves carnivals games and when they would play them together, she somehow managed to win them all... every time. So when the time came to ask Naomi to marry him, he gathered friends and family to help him turn a huge room into their own carnival. Wilson was smart enough to rig each game so that he would win each and every one. Each station he won a little prize for her (like a day trip to the zoo) and when they reached the last game he pulled out the ring for her prize! 

How cuuute is that?! I'm just going to go ahead and drop the mic for him and walk away. Ha! 

 Guys, enjoy their engagement session and you're gonna want to check back for their wedding photos at the beginning of September. I have no doubt that their Deer Park Camp wedding is going to be just as fabulous. 



A Season Of Change

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ok, so we are just a bit behind on the blogging.  Life the past month has been just a bit of a whirlwind, but I promise we have a bunch of super exciting sessions and stories to share with you soon. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I wanted to share an exciting bit of news that will help explain why this has been such a hectic time for us!

 As of Monday of this week, I’m a officially a part of the Jeremy Hess Photography team!  I am SO excited to be part of a team that continues to serve clients and local businesses with their quality commercial photography. I have worked with Jeremy and Donovan briefly over the past couple months, and as I move into a full-time position, I’m eager to learn from their wealth of knowledge.

 I want to give a huge shout out to Martin Appliance for the wonderful Christian work environment they have provided for me over the past 7 years. I have learned so much from the wonderful leaders, managers, and coworkers there, and when I clocked out for the last time on Thursday, it was with misty eyes and a grateful heart. From the bottom of my heart…Thank You.

What This Means for Ali & Paul Co.

 As Ali and I have been building this idea we launched almost 2 years ago, it has confirmed our suspicions…we LOVE doing this together! We are convinced more now than ever that this is something that we want to continue to build. With my move away from retail sales at Martins, it will free up a few more hours in the week that I will be able to spend helping Ali with the paperwork and editing side of the business, while at the same time gaining more knowledge and experience from my work with the JHP team.  Ali will continue to do what she has done so well, and that is give her undivided attention to all our wonderful clients we have been so blessed to meet. The definition of a win-win.

 If you would like to follow along on my journey, please connect with me via Instagram, @paulmartin11. I will be sharing a mixture of commercial work, weddings, and an overall look into the lives of Ali & I.  Also stay tuned for some exciting developments both on the wedding and commercial side of things. Life is full of promise right now; I’m ready to chase after it!

Thanks again to all of our wonderful friends for your support and sweet words of encouragement!

Paul Martin